Glasgow Disc Golf Club was founded by Patrick McCauley & Alan Semple in 2017

The Growth of Disc Golf in Glasgow


First Disc Golf Course installed in Glasgow

Rosshall Course Map


Robbie Reekie introduces his Friends to Disc Golf

Development of Rosshall Disc Golf Course

2017 – Jan

Glasgow Disc Golf Club is Founded

Potential new Disc Golf Course locations

 and funding investigated

2017 – March

Glasgow Disc Golf Course Secure £5000 to install Glasgow’s second 9 hole Disc Golf course

2017 –  Sept

Glasgow hosts the UK National Disc Golf Tournament at Ruchill Golf Course

2017 – October

Glasgow Disc Golf Course given permission from Glasgow City Council to install a 9 hole course in Ruchill Park, Glasgow


Ruchill Course Map

2017 – October

Glasgow host its Second tournament of the year at its newest Course

2018 – March

Glasgows 3rd Disc Golf Course will open at the Ashgill Recreation Centre




Glasgow Disc Golf Club plan to make Glasgow the UK Capital of Disc Golf

Potential Sites

  • Glasgow Green
  • Springburn Park